Billow Engagement helps brands engage consumers and incentivizes specific consumer behavior while collecting personalized and actionable data.


Who is Billow?

Founded in 2011, Billow Engagement LLC is a leader in customer engagement software and solutions.  Billow was founded with a passion for enabling agencies and brands to be able to benefit from a powerful platform that allows for not only getting consumer attention but also keeping it.  The Billow platform includes engagement loops which are built to get and keep consumer attention via repeat interactions.

Billow’s vision is based on the idea that many organizations could benefit from a more powerful platform that does not simply allow them to run a promotion but rather benefits in several ways including the ability to great increase engagement with their consumers and ultimately help them affect consumer behavior.

New Rules of Consumer Engagement

Social, digital, and mobile technologies have created many new ways for companies to connect with and engage consumers.  Billow’s belief is that creating ways to connect with consumers and continuously create consumer interaction can create truly engaged consumers.  The Billow platform includes gamified interactive experiences designed to get repeated consumer interaction and helps move consumers down The Pathway to Purchase.   The Billow team has built tools which allow companies to securely leverage these engagement loops across multiple channels including social media, websites, and mobile.   The Billow engagement loops can also integrate with other loyalty platforms and tools.

The Billow tools can be incorporated with your existing marketing programs in ways that can help engage more consumers, such as people who are at your stores, games, or events as well as engaging your various existing marketing databases.

Billow Engagement works with agencies and brands around the globe from the Billow headquarters in the West Loop in Chicago, IL.