What we do

Billow helps brands engage consumers, incentivizes brand-desired behaviors while collecting personalized and actionable data.


What we do

Billow Engagement works with agencies and brands and successfully connects brands with engaged consumers.  We help our clients leverage the power of the Billow platform to help them achieve their marketing goals.

The Billow Platform

The Billow platform includes gamified interactive experiences that engage consumers.  Billow tools can be used to engage consumers on their mobile devices, at your events or locations as well as online.  We can incentivize your desired consumer actions within these fun, interactive experiences.  All while collecting valuable analytics as well as personalized and actionable consumer data.

How we do it

The first step in determining how we can help our clients is to have an understanding of their goals.  Once they share their goals with us we can put together a plan based on the various features of our platform.  Our solution can be turnkey or we can work with your creative team to put together the best experience for consumers as well as creating measurable results for the client.

The Billow interactive experiences are very powerful and flexible.  For example, our promotion-based engagement loops can be installed to Facebook pages and can even run simultaneously and securely across multiple pages without the logistical nightmare normally associated with such a task.  This allow for campaigns that involve more than one entity such as campaigns which include corporate sponsors or channel partners.  Data collected for such promotions is even segregated for each entity.

The Billow engagement loops can also be embedded on websites or microsites easily and securely.

What about mobile?  We have created an integrated solution to allow all consumers, no matter what device they are using, to participate.  Each campaign utilizes a special Billow short URL which detects the type of device of the user and takes them to the location which is designed for the best experience.

We even have a “Text to Play” feature which makes it easy for people to participate via their mobile device.  This feature also adds mobile phone numbers to the data that we collect.

Our platform can also integrate with other loyalty programs or apps via API calls in either direction.

Massive Impact..Measurable Results

Every Billow client receives a wealth of information about their campaigns.  This includes consumer data from their campaign which includes names, email addresses, and even mobile phone numbers.  We also provide clients with analytical information about their campaigns.

Your customized calls-to-action can even be tracked and results measured as well.