Mobile Marketing – Engaging Consumers: “Text-to-Play”

Mobile Marketing – Engaging Consumers: “Text-to-Play”

As companies and organizations try to expand their marketing efforts and reach more consumers it is becoming more of a necessity to engage mobile consumers.

In an effort to help in these efforts Billow has added a new feature “Text-to-Play”.  Text to Play makes it easy for people on mobile devices to be engaged and the benefits include:

  • Engaging mobile consumers
  • Incentivizing brand-desired behaviors
  • Collecting personalized and actionable consumer data


Here is how it works.  You tell people to text your keyword to a shortcode.

For example, text “Demo1” to 41411.

Once people send the text they receive an autoresponse with a link to your campaign.  They simply click the link and play!  Once they have logged in we have successfully collected their name, email, and mobile phone number.

Billow has shortcodes available for companies that do not already have one.  In the case of companies that have their own shortcode, they can create their own keyword for the campaign and have their system connect with our servers via an API call.  This allows them to use their existing mobile CRM and benefit from having Billow associate their mobile phone number with their name and email.

Billow has already customized their API to work seamlessly with the system.

So people who are utilizing various mobile CRM’s and simply have a database of mobile phone numbers can now utilize the Billow platform and put a name and email to all of their mobile numbers.

The Billow Text to Play feature in conjunction with the Billow engagement tools such as Social Scratch Off ™ goes way beyond simply offering “Text to Enter” campaigns.

Creating massive engagement with consumers and getting consumers to take desired actions such as sharing with their friends or downloading an app make this a much more powerful way to engage.