Prize Fulfillment for Campaigns

Prize Fulfillment for Campaigns

Billow has added an optional feature which makes campaign prize fulfillment easier – “Winner forms”.

Winner forms are forms that show up for people who win one of your prizes in your Social Scratch Off campaign.  This feature allows you to easily collect whatever data you need in order to fulfill your prizes.  These forms are customizable and allow you to collect various information.

Is your prize a physical prize that you need to send to the winner?  We can collect the winner’s mailing address for you.  Want to collect phone numbers from winners as well?  No problem.  Does a particular prize have options that you need the winner to select?  Such as, “Do you want that in yellow or blue?”  No problem.

This feature allows you to also fulfill digital prizes as well.  You can offer coupons or discount codes easily.

Even the look of the form can be branded for you!

Want to offer hundreds of prizes in your campaign?  Not a problem.

This feature makes the Social Scratch Off app even more appealing to players as not only is it an instant-win campaign but now winners can instantly submit the data needed for prize fulfillment.


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