Scavenger Hunt Promotions

Scavenger Hunt Promotions

You can run digital scavenger hunt promotions utilizing the Billow Social Scavenger Hunt ™ campaign tool.  The app allows you to run your scavenger hunt promotion on Facebook, a web page, and even has a mobile-optimized version as well.  Your promotion can run simultaneously on any combination of these and even includes a special campaign URL which detects the device of the user and provides them with an optimized version based on your desires.

Encourage consumers actions as you allow consumers to complete tasks online and offline.

Scavenger- hunt

Scavenger Hunt Promotions

Scavenger Hunt promotions are fantastic promotions which can:

  • be a fun way to increase customer engagement
  • help build your followings on any social media platform
  • encourage sharing – people can form teams with their friends
  • reward purchases
  • reward other desired actions

With the Billow Social Scavenger Hunt ™ campaign tool consumers need to collect various codes.  You provide clues and they hunt online or offline and once they find an object they receive a redemption code for it.

People can play alone or they can increase their chances to win by getting some of their friends involved and help their team collect all items.

Your scavenger hunt is customized based on your desires.  Want to drive people to a store to look for an item?

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Scavenger hunt promotion options

Scavenger hunt promotions which run utilizing the Billow Social Scavenger Hunt ™ app are not simply an out-of-the-box campaign but rather are scavenger hunt campaigns which can be customized based on your needs and desires.

Your scavenger hunt promotion can run on: Facebook pages, web and mobile.

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